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JessX is a project that started in 2020 by Jess (lyricist/vocalist) after moving from Oahu to New York. Known for their whiny screams and half singing, they conquer the live scene by incorporating a pogo stick for their single "MFL" creating a cult within the crowd.

With emotional bridges in their songs Crybby and Hole, JessX will have you in your feels yet feel empowered simultaneously. 

BabyFaced, a record released by the band back in 2021 was the epitome of an NYC transplant navigating through the hardships of their gender identity and adoption.

That record was the seed of a project that is starting to grow with new singles such as "Bitter Kid" and "Hole" and an upcoming single signifying a whole new era "Bullets and the Bug", JessX will open up new emotions you never knew you had.   

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JessX- Bitter Kid
JessX- MFL