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Bullets and the Bug

Bullets and the Bug

Bullets and the Bug

Bullets and the Bug


Bullets and the Bug

Bullets and the Bug

Bullets and the Bug

Bullets and the Bug


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bitter kid

new single+ video

out NOW

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new single+ video


photos by birthday girl


Matti Nardo Avi





photos by silvia k edited by birthday girl


BabyFaced was released on 11/11/2021. It is about my experience moving from Oahu to NYC. 


BABY FACED track by track:


Curtain call:

I wrote ‘curtain call’ originally all on the ukulele as a demo. Over time I had more stuff to say as the situation I was writing about wasn’t over. I wanted a bridge that completely intensified the energy on the song. I knew I needed to take it to the rest of the band. The way this song differentiates three times going back to the intro is probably why it’s one of my favorites.

Psychedelic Queen:
I feel like out of the whole album this one definitely has the most groovy chorus. I remember singing it for the first time to Avi (guitarist and producer of song) and he just really knew the vibe I was going for. I didn’t want this one to be too punky at all.

This one is about a person that doesn’t realize how sick they actually are.

I always found myself in the same cycle when it came to women. I never really had a queer anthem that I grew up listening to that was about frustrations with the same sex relationships/encounters. Every song that I listened to referred to the opposite sex. I hope a lot of queer women/non-binary people can find this relatable and be angry in a positive way while singing. 


13 18:
This one I wrote about my little sister. I met her/found out about her when I was 18 and she was 13 so I missed a lot of her childhood growing up. We got really close really fast but as all siblings do , we fought. This song is about that period of a couple months where we just weren’t speaking to each other. This one is technically the first song I did with my band, but just not the first one released.


This voice over is from a video/facetime visit my mom and I had with
my brother (an inmate) back in 2020.


Refrained was the first song I ever released. I wrote refrained about moving to New York from Oahu and still having left over feelings for someone back home. When I first moved to the city in October I was so excited to be in a new environment and meet new people. I met people here in the city that I could have been potentially in a relationship with but it ended up just not working out. I realized that the focus I needed to have should only be towards myself. I didn’t want to be anyones new ‘bitch’. I just wanted to live in the present here.


Mommy issues:
This one is definitely a story teller. The intro talks about how I grew up and being able to combine that with not having the balls to to make a move on someone was cool to me. Originally the verse and the choruses were supposed to be two different songs before I presented it to my band deciding to make it into one.


Crybby is probably my favorite on the album to be honest. I just feel like the different variations in it really express how I am as a person. The day we recorded this I was definitely an emotional wreck and hearing back on the song I hope you can hear it in my voice. I probably screamed the bridge of this song in the car with my friends too many times.


This one is the only acoustic song on the album. honestly my least fav lol, my lyrics were so cringe reading back 


I chose MFL to close the record out because of how empowering it makes me feel. I do not give a fuck about what people think I should be doing with my life.


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